Quinte Landtechnik


Quinte Landtechnik

Quality has one name

Establishment of the agricultural contracting service by Heinrich Quinte senior. The first machines were a stationary threshing mill and a steam engine.

Development of contracting with Claas combines by Robert Quinte senior.


After Robert Quinte's early death, his son Heinrich took over the business.
In the 80s and 90s, he developed this into a nationally recognized agricultural service company.


The brothers Heinrich, Robert and Stefan Quinte start buying / selling used agricultural machinery.These are repaired in their own workshop. Of course, the combine harvesters are under one roof!


From 2000, the specialisation in only harvesting machinery. Employees receive targeted training.

It develops: Quality has a name - Quinte agricultural technology.

The high quality is now very much appreciated by customers from Germany, Europe and other continents.


The 1000th combine harvester is delivered.


Our latest offers

Claas Variant 370

Year of manufacture:
Engine time:
Operating hours:
Price: on request

Claas Quadrant 5200 FC

Year of manufacture: 2016
Engine time:
Operating hours:
Price: on request

Claas Tucano 440

Year of manufacture: 2008
Engine time: 3200
Operating hours: 2100
Price: on request

Claas Tucano 320

Year of manufacture: 2018
Engine time: 600
Operating hours: 380
Price: on request

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